18 June 2012

Sustainable Building -workshop with STT

On Saturday 9.6. we organized a workshop "Sustainable Building and Ecological Materials" together with ngo Sahmakum Teang Tnaut STT. More than 30 participants attended, most of them students from local universities Rufa and Norton. We went trough the most important phases in using bamboo and even got some practical experience of building the roof beams for the center.

13 June 2012

The manual timelapse: week 23 on site

Almost all of the footings are now in place and hopefully casting of the ground beam will be done still this week! KKYC, we're going up!

So long KKYC - hope to see you soon!

It was very wistful saying again goodbye to the great team of workers working for the realization of the youth center on the site! Hope to see you all soon!

Sisko will be staying in Phnom Penh for another week now and Elina will be coming back for July, but let's see how far the construction has got by then and if members from Komitu are still needed on site during the fall.

06 June 2012

Foundation work continues

Progress on site! This is a picture from the end of last week just before the few days holiday for the Cambodian communal elections. The brickwork forms a mold for the concrete ground beam which will probably be casted by the end of this week. And what's best about it that one can already start to see the shape of the building forming up!

04 June 2012

Welcome to workshop on KKYC site on Sat 9th of June!

Interested in learning about the use of bamboo in construction? And of the advantages of the compressed soil bricks compared to the commonly used red bricks? And how to design a building that keeps the spaces cool without an AC?

Welcome to workshop on "Sustainable Building and Ecological Materials" on Saturday 9th of June 2012 on the Kouk Khleang Youth Center building site! We have places for 25 participants so please sign in before hand by email to den(a)teangtnaut.org from STT or inari.virkkala(a)gmail.com and sisko.hovila(a) gmail.com from Komitu!

Casting the concrete footings

The footings are almost done! Due to the loose sand used for the filling as well as using mainly man power instead of machinery, it has taken a lot of time to finish the underground parts of the building. Even though it is nowadays raining almost every afternoon, we could prevent the footing pits turning into rainwater ponds by filling them soon after digging with riprap (large stones). Stones would be compacted and lay concrete casted on top to make the base for the actual footing. Hopefully things will start proceeding faster now that the toughest part is done!