28 May 2013

Waiting for start of finishing works and sensing the atmosphere in and around

It's now been a week that Inari from Komitu has been back in Phnom Penh. We are still negotiating about the prices with our contractor BQC, so the work on the site hasn't started yet. Hopefully still, BQC will start to mobilize their workers on the site already tomorrow in order to get started with the work as soon as possible.

Here is a few pictures from the site today and yesterday. The original site board is still in place by the site entrance.

22 May 2013

The work continues on site!

There was today a meeting with Komitu Architects, AE Consultants and the contractor Mr. Heang. There'll be still some discussion about the quotation but most probably the works on site will be started again on Monday 27th and the center would be ready to be taken into use by the end of the Summer.

Inari from Komitu will be staying in Phnom Penh until the end of June. She can be reached with the number +855 16 814 323, please don't hesitate to contact her with any inquiries you might have of the project!