28 May 2013

Waiting for start of finishing works and sensing the atmosphere in and around

It's now been a week that Inari from Komitu has been back in Phnom Penh. We are still negotiating about the prices with our contractor BQC, so the work on the site hasn't started yet. Hopefully still, BQC will start to mobilize their workers on the site already tomorrow in order to get started with the work as soon as possible.

Here is a few pictures from the site today and yesterday. The original site board is still in place by the site entrance.

Today we were also very happy to have a group of architecture students from Pannasastra University to visit us on the site with their teacher Seng, who we learned to know already in 2009. Here's our contractor Mr. Te Tainheang and the engineer doing our site supervision, Ms. Sona Seng, answering questions the students had of the project.

It is a hard choice what to do with the wall finishes. The brickwork done by BQC is done very neatly and beautiful and appeals well to the eye of an architect. However, the bricks will be need to protected against weather and erosion. Thin plastering (slammaus in Finnish) does not seem to be a very known option here and a traditional thick plaster would cover all signs of the bricks.

The bamboo treatment pool that was built to treat a new batch of bamboos for shading elements of the building will be emptied next week.

What was also great to notice on the site, is that even though unfinished, the center already has a sort of public appeal to it. The neighbors were just preparing for a blessing ceremony and it was nice to see how naturally the center seemed to frame the preparations.

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