21 June 2013

Things going well on the site!

Our apologies, the site has kept me so busy that there hasn´t been any time to update the blog. Here are some pictures from the site today. The bamboo shadings are almost completed, bottle wall is done, first wooden frames arrived to the site, plastering is on it´s way and some tests for the suspended ceiling have been done. BQC is doing good job just as before!

07 June 2013

The bottle building is on!

Ms. Khoy Proktorey or more familiarly Noung is coming from Siem Reap to help us to build a piece of the bottle wall to KKYC. Together with employees from CVS we started preparing for the workshop today by collecting garbage from Kouk Khleang and washing it clean in order to be used inside the wall. Thanks to Kong Kimsour for the photo.

If you`d like to see how the wall is being made, you are most welcome to visit us on the KKYC site on Sunday 9th, Monday 10th or Tuesday 11th of June. For sure we´ll be there on Monday at 12.00. You can also check our whereabouts with Inari: 016 814 323.

04 June 2013

Visit to the door workshop

During the weekend, Inari visited the workshop where windows and doors for KKYC are being made in Siem Reap. Thanks for Mr. Heang for taking the time to show us the place and to discuss the details. The doors will be made of Koki wood and painted in color to go with the red and blue shades of the two buildings.

Siem Reap bottle school

As we are waiting for the works to start off on the site, Inari visited Siem Reap during the weekend. There our friend Noung took us to see a new school built out of recycled plastic bottles and filled with plastic garbage collected from the neighborhooding villages. The school is built by ngo HUSK, who also built a small health clinic that we wrote aboout a year ago.