04 June 2013

Siem Reap bottle school

As we are waiting for the works to start off on the site, Inari visited Siem Reap during the weekend. There our friend Noung took us to see a new school built out of recycled plastic bottles and filled with plastic garbage collected from the neighborhooding villages. The school is built by ngo HUSK, who also built a small health clinic that we wrote aboout a year ago.

Parts of the wall are left open to be able to see what the houses are actually made of.


 We also went to see a project built independently by Noung, a small toilet and bathroom building for one of the villagers.

On the way back, we visited a local recycling facility. Normally plastic bottles are brought here by collectors, who earn 1000 riel per one kg of bottles. From the "recycling center" the bottles are then take to Vietnam to be processed and recycled in bigger factories. 


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