13 September 2010

Painting a bamboo forest to a fence of a construction site

Jay!! Komitu's first realized project!
When there is no snow in Helsinki, there are construction sites everywhere. Wherever you go you will run into these dusty, grey, noisy sites and the untidy, depressing fences around them. Therefore we were excited when we heard about Multicoloured Dreams.

"Multicoloured Dreams is a voice for developing creative visual culture in public space, but not illegally and by damaging property", it says on their website. The idea is to give anyone, who is willing, an opportunity to design and realize a legal street art piece to a construction site wall.

Our painting brought a slice of bamboo forest into the centre of Helsinki. It added some color and sunshine to the cityscape and it also worked as a prototype for the painted facade of the youth centre. There will be one facade in the youth center which the youth can paint themselves and it can be an evolving process. With the Multicolored Dreams project we were able to practice the participatory painting process by involving the people passing by. All the feedback we got was great and surely we managed to bring some smiles to the streets of Helsinki - at least our own ones. ;)

Many thanks for all of you who participated!
See all the paintings and more info about Multicoloured Dreams here http://mcdreams.wordpress.com/

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