25 April 2012

Communication through scale models

When working with people with whom you don't have any common language, scale models are by far the best way to communicate your design. We have tried to use models as much as possible throughout our design process here in Cambodia and that process got one more mile stone in it when Tuuli and I took our 1/30 scale model to the site today. Everyone was thrilled and the workers were really excited when they started to realize where the building is going to sit on the site and where exactly all the bamboo parts they have been making are going to go.

Building a model is something we're used to doing in our studies and design work but what made it a little bit more demanding this time was that surprisingly we didn't find proper cardboard anywhere in Phnom Penh. No worries, luckily the pizza boxes from a near by restaurant were simple and clean so ordering pizza for lunch every day until the model was done gave us enough card board to work on. Some cookie boxes were used as walls and candy boxes as reinforcements. When supplies fail you just have to be that much more creative.

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