07 October 2012

KOMITU has returned to Cambodia

Greetings from the future class room upstairs! After seven weeks of absence KOMITU has returned to Phnom Penh. I will stay here until Christmas and if everything goes well the youth center should be finished by the time I leave. And so far everything has been going more than well!

The site is well organized, workers seem content, they are listening to music on site, they have hung hammocks in the multipurpose space of the youth center for their breaks and the work is progressing faster than I ever could imagine. On Tuesday I visited the site with the AE Consultants and the workers were just about to cast the first floor columns and when I returned on Friday they were already about to cast the upper beams of the first floor. Now we only have one more set of columns and beams to go and then it's back to the bricks and bamboos! In one week we will have a week-long holiday of Bonn Phchum Ben of Ancestors' Day here so the workers are leaving to their home provinces next week. A well deserved break for them, less so for me after only two weeks of being here before the holiday.

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