12 December 2012

Bamboo structures going up

Take a look at our amazing bamboo structures! The building is finally beginning to look like it's supposed to. The bamboos are a refreshing change after all the concrete and earth blocks and soften the appearance of the building nicely.

Installing the bamboo parts has gone amazingly well. I was expecting more parts breaking and not fitting each other etc. Some adjustments have been made and some prefabricated parts had to be changed but otherwise amazing work from our construction team! And once more, thank you Kevin Rowell for supporting and guiding us through all this!

I'm so happy and relieved that the roof beams have been installed because I was terrified for the guys sitting and walking up there on the beams with flipflops on and with no protective gear whatsoever. I was laughed at today when I refused to walk from one building to the other along a beam. And that was only on the first floor level!

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