03 December 2010

Busy days in Phnom Penh

Even though we promised to update this blog daily, this is our first update from here. Hopefully we will have some more time the following days. Everything has gone extremely well. We have had very fruitful meetings with CVS on bothdays where we have gone through the design, talked about the site and talked about the future of the project which looks bright. The process of confirming a site here in Phnom Penh takes approximately 6 months so our schedule of building the youth center in December 2011 sounds reasonable. The scale model was an important tool in talking about the design.

Yesterday we also met with Nora Lindström from STT who has been a vital help to us with her amazing social network and endless knowledge about Phnom Penh social situation. Today we met architect Sara Hultén who has been working here for a long time. She also gave us some extremely useful contacts of engineers and contractors who we are going to meet next week. We also went to see Meta House - the venue of our next weeks presentation that has been advertised in lumhor.com, Meta House newsletter and STT:s contact network. Meta House seemed like a perfect place for our presentation and we're looking forward to it a lot.

Tomorrow we will have the workshop with the future users of the youth center so we have used all our spare time putting together materials for it and putting some finishing touches on the model. Tomorrow morning at 8am we will start the workshop in Kork Kleang community where we had the workshops also last spring.

Cambodia is as beautiful and intresting as ever and tomorrow after the workshop we will have more to tell!

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