05 December 2010

Yesterday we held a workshop for the local youth in Kork Kleang. It was very fruitful and interesting. Mr Som Monorum from CVS did a great job translating our presentations and the opinions of the youth from english to khmer and back. We started at 8:30 am after getting lost on the way and some technical challenges and finished around 12:00 pm with Elina and Mr Pen Somony from CVS giving the youngsters a certificate of participation that had an image of the facade printed on it.

The workshop was planned to be in two parts. First Maiju held a general presentation about modern bamboo architecture with plenty of pictures of interesting buildings. Then we gave the youngsters papers asking their opinion with pictures of the buildings, different roof types, local buildings and colors. The papers were mostly filled out in khmer and are now with CVS so that they can translate them.

After a snack of local fruit and finnish candy Elina presented the design process and our current design using mostly the scale model. Then the youth divided in three groups and were given the task to design their own plan of the youth center with cut out rooms from our plan. They were also asked to write five good things and five things that should be changed in our design. They had a big paper and free hands so the results were diverse and informative. Two groups wished for a big garden which just couldn't fit into our current plot of land - unfortunately. There was a lot of discussion about the roof shape and they told us that in Khmer culture a building is considered more beautiful if the roof shows to the street.

Many other things will also be changed with the design after hearing all these great comments and opinions. After the workshop we all had a delicious lunch together in a local home.

We had a great time and are very greatful for all the wonderful people who attended our workshop! Thank you Mr Son Chumchuon and Kork Kleang youth!

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