30 July 2012

EASA Wastelands REFUGE workshop in Helsinki

Some news from Helsinki for a while! Three of the members of Komitu Architects, Noora, Tuuli and Inari were tutoring a workshop as part of the European Architecture Students Assembly EASA in Helsinki 16.7.-29.7.2012. The workshop was called Refuge and we were working together with the Hirundo center for European migrants and travellers.

Hirundo's (name meaning sparrow in Latin) customers are mostly Roma people from eastern Europe earning their living by begging and collecting bottles in Helsinki. Hirundo offers them a possibility to shower and wash their laundry as well as to have a cup of coffee.

In the workshop we tried to come up with ideas on how to improve the work of Hirundo and the discriminated position of the Roma people in general. As architects we also did small improvements to the spaces of Hirundo. In the end of the workshop we organized a small party to host discussion with neighbors.

Great thanks for the interesting two weeks for all of the 12 participants of the workshop:
Emilia Awaitey
Lise Barbry
Mimi Barushi
Mariusz Biernacki
Márcia Cunha
Justinas Jakštonis
Barbora Krajcovicova
Karen McGillion
Gertrud Purdeller
Esther Nagy
Justin Schembri
Zsofia Vancsura

And naturally Wastelands team, EASA Kitchen, EASA FM, Swingland-workshop, Kierrätyskeskus and RTV.

Here's the great, great, great final video of the workshop made by Justinas Jakštonis.

And the presentation video Noora made for the start presentation of the workshop.

Here's some stories of the workshop in the local newspapers: 
"Romanikeskus etsii uusia tiloja" Helsingin Sanomat 28.7.2012
"Kerjäläiset juhlivat pääskylänrinteellä" Helsingin uutiset 27.7.2012

Photos by Justinas Jakštonis.

Here is some pictures about the small thing we did in interior of Hirundo.

Natasha was learning how to take measures.

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