02 July 2012

Social relations and bamboo swings

After nearly two weeks of absence KOMITU has returned to Phnom Penh and boy is it good to be back! Having recovered from the surprising culture shock and flue I caught on my return I was excited to visit the site. Unfortunately there hadn't been as much progress as we had hoped for due to some problems with material logistics etc. but I really saw the shape of the building for the first time with my own eyes today which was great! 

There wasn't much for me to do on site today since there was nothing happening and there was a mean looking guard controlling the site so I decided to concentrate on social relations - in other words playing with the children. They had once again shown their creativity and a bamboo swing had appeared in front of Mom's house. We had a lot of fun! Let's hope that tomorrow we will have as much fun with the workers on site...

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