21 January 2012

Bamboo species: Chinese bamboo for construction

The so-called Chinese bamboo is the bamboo species used for construction in the Chi Phat CBET Visitor Center. It grows strong and thick enough to be used as a bearing structure. One can easily recognize the right species from the "hairy" surface and the "spikes" by knots.

On the left there is young thicker bamboo and on the right there is old thin bamboo. You can recognize the old bamboo from the white fungus on its straw.

Yellow bamboo is used often for decorations because of the beautiful yellow color.

Light, green bamboo trunks were traditionally used for instruments as flutes and for cooking rice on the fire.

The maturity of the bamboo can be seen from the surface: if there is fungus growing on the bamboo, it is usually old enough to be used in construction. The species in the picture is the wrong kind though. One also needs to make sure the bamboo trunks are not too old (not more than 6 years).

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