14 January 2012

Studying Bamboo at the Sovann Komar

On Sunday 8.1. we joined the City in Transition students for a trip to the Sovann Komar - Golden Childern Orphanage designed by the Kerry Hill Architects. We were very happy to be accompanied also by David Thorng from the construction company LBL International who has built the project.

The site and the buidings are very beautiful and according to the manager, created a nice home-like environment for the orphans, but unfortunately they have faced serious problems in the sustainability of the shading bamboo structures.

We also learned that in case of windy rain, the rain comes inside trough the windows, even though they would be in closed position.

The director showing the wind pump for watering the plants in the gardens.

Daily routines at one of the homes.

Taking a look at the growing city.

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