21 January 2012

Visiting a bamboo project in Chi Pat CBET

Inari, Noora, Sinikka and two Cambodian engineering students travelled to the forests near Koh Kong 12.-14.1. to visit the Community Based Eco Tourism (CBET) project in the Chi Pat village. In the visitors' center of the village bamboo has been used very beautifully as a bearing structure.

The buildings of the visitors' center were designed by Ahti Westphal, Farid Rakun and Selin Maner, with Jörg Stamm as visiting bamboo expert. More information in Ahti Westphal's page.

The building was finished two years ago and until now there were no visible damage in the structures.

Bamboo structures in CBET-Center

There was "fish belly" -beams bearing the roof


We met Veasna who told us about
treating bamboos and the structure.

Floor structure

Bamboo partition wall detail
with concrete reinforcement

Pilars bearing the roof

Drilled hole where concrete reinforcement is
poured inside the bamboo

wooden window frame attached to bamboo

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