20 March 2012

The bamboo fun starts!

On Monday our bamboo consultant Kevin Rowell arrived and we are very happy to have him! First thing from the airport we took him to see the conditions on the site.

Right away we got some good news. The fact that the bamboos still have branch stumps on them when they arrive on site is a good thing – freshly cut surface along the length eases the penetration of the treatment to the middle part of the bamboo trunks. Tuesday was spent on going through the drawings, visiting Orussey market to see the available tools and materials, and making a game plan for the next two weeks.

Then yesterday we got a message from the contractor saying that the first sand loads have finally entered the hole, and this morning we were happy to see the sand with our own eyes. Road work around the site is slowing down the process, but things are moving forward and now we have the bamboo parts to focus on.

First bamboos have been drying since Saturday and today we started experimenting with them. We verified that there is penetration of Borax into the bamboo trunks by a simple on-site test, and learned that the solution we have in the pools is usable for two or possibly even three treatment batches.

I'll present to you also our brave documentarist Maude Chauveau, who has been visiting the site with us for a week already and she continues filming the works now that things get especially exciting.

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