09 March 2012

Finally things are starting to happen at the site! The first patch of bamboos has been cleaned, treatment pools are ready and holes through the nodes are being punched. This morning half of the bamboos were in the pool. Canopy was not steep enough and broke last night in the rain, but it is being fixed. The only thing lacking now are the treatment chemicals, which we are buying from CBET project in Chi Pat because local shops don't have the chemicals in stock, they need to be ordered weeks beforehand.

The bamboo handling is becoming smoother as people get the hang of it. Two women cut the dryed ends and two men punch the holes through the nodes, while two more people hold the bamboos down for the procedure and carry the bamboos to the pool. The pile of bamboos not yet in the pool is getting low.

By midday the air gets really hot. Water in a container with a huge icecube was brought to the workers and it is frequented often. We have decided to keep out of the way of the workers, just instructing the new working phases and making suggestions to working methods when necessary.

Two boys are allowed to come and watch the work when they are not at school, while crowds of younger kids are shooed away. One of the workers has his two-year-old son with him, since he has no-one else to look after the child.

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