06 March 2012

Visit to Oudong

Last week we visited Oudong which used to be the capital of Cambodia before Phnom Penh was and which today is the new home to many poor people who get evicted from the center of Phnom Penh because of different city development projects. Hilla Rudanko and Anssi Kankkunen designed and built a vocational school (which has been mentioned in this blog before as well) for one of these relocation sites las year. Now they are back in Cambodia fixing some problems that have occurred during the first year of the school's existence.

A resort owned by a wealthy businessman from Phnom Penh in the front and the living condition of those evicted in the back.

Visiting the school with Hilla and Anssi.

Some graffiti Cambodia-style.

There is also another project recently built near the vocational school. It is a community building designed by Collaborative Studio. It has provided some long awaited greenery and cosy, shaded spaces to the otherwise quite raw surroundings. More information here:  http://acollaborativestudio.wordpress.com/oudong-community-centre/ 

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