20 May 2012

Back in Phnom Penh!

Sisko and Inari arrived to Phnom Penh last Wednesday. The construction of the center is going way slower than estimated; mostly because of daily rain and the challenging starting point. We will have to work hard and smart to keep up with the schedule to get the center's roof up before the heaviest rains in August, September and October. Luckily there will be more workers coming on site on Monday and we will be able to start working in teams which hopefully makes the work more pleasant and fun and also helps us to proceed in a faster pace.

The work with the bamboos is now halfway done: all of the bamboos have been treated and half of the columns and the beams are ready and waiting to be installed to the building. 

The kids living around the site have been scarily interested in the works, so one of the first tasks we did on site was building a fence around the treatment pool and covering the bamboo piles. The pool will be emptied and filled with sand in the beginning of next week.

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