30 May 2012

KKYC Construction Crew

From left: Phal (site implementation), Inari, Mom the II, Mom, Narin (site manager), Save, Na, Chaet, Pollaa, Peter (contractor), Sreng (site supervisor) and the Kids.
Missing from the picture: Van, Saa, Mie, Cheth

Komitu Architects proudly presents: KKYC Construction Crew!
To be accurate, the picture was taken on Monday this week (just before two people were picked up by scooter from their homes from a post-salary-day-sabbatical-leave). During the past few days our crew has expanded by 1-2 people each day – Thanks to the people, we are now progressing on gear 5! By a quick look to the site today, there are 6 men plus the site managers Pol and Sreng, and three women. We have now been able to form two teams:
  • The bamboo team (the ladies) is in the middle of oiling the ready made bamboo beams and columns with a certain kind of vegetable oil.
  • The concrete team (men) will continue with the footings work a few more days before starting the ground beam casting.
A truckful of red bricks for the septic tank arrived on site today, so perhaps soon we will have a brick team also.

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