30 May 2012

Restaurant day in Helsinki

A week ago on saturday Komitu held a pop-up restaurant in Helsinki to bring cambodian delicacies to taste. A lot of friends showed up and passers-by stopped to have a tasty meal or a refreshing smoothie with cambodian music to complete the experience. Both of the main dishes and smoothie choises were sold out before five and after the expenses some money was left to donate for the youth center project. The most important of course was that food and weather were good and we all had a wonderful Restaurant Day!

Some of the essential ingredients in cambodian food are fish sauce, lime, lemongrass, galangal and coconut milk.
It was important for us to choose organic for as many products as possible, while some were only found in the oriental markets of Kallio. Surprisingly many ingredients were available also in normal supermarkets though.
Recepies were from a great cooking book "From Spiders to Water Lilies" by Friends International organization.

Our Njam bai! -restaurant a little before opening:

And little after!

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