19 July 2011

Flyer printing

Even though the workshop yesterday was very fruitful we were left with a feeling that not everyone around the site were aware of what was happening in their neighborhood. The explanation to that was that the border of the Kork Kleang community is right behind the site and so some of the neighbors were from the neighboring community and thus didn't have a clue of what was happening next to their homes. That's why we decided to print some flyers with the contact details for the Youth Center project to be given out Wednesday morning on our next visit to the site.

We ended up spending quite some time in the copy house and not to waste a single moment, waiting at the copy shop provided Elina an opportunity to continue the sketches for the room program on her laptop...

In addition to the flyer making we managed to squeeze in four meetings with nine different people today. We got an exhausting amount of information about how to treat the site, about bamboo construction, about making and using of soil blocks and about prices of different construction materials.

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