17 July 2011

Visiting Sra Pou Vocational School

On Sunday 17.7. Elina and Inari visited the newly built Sra Pou Voca
tional School in Oudong, some 50 km northwest from the centre of Phnom Penh.

The school building itself was just as beautiful as seen in the photographs on the website but
unfortunately it had already suffered some damage by the harsh elements of the rainy season. Thus we spent some time trying to figure out some details for fixing the doors that had been broken in the wind.

The wind keeps the building comfortably cool and pleasant to work in but unfortunately also brings a lot of water inside when raining. Because of the water and lack of secure, rainproof doors, they have not been able to start the vocational activities in the school yet.

The driving force in the project, the Blue Tent Project Manager Mr. Sous Sina, seems to be doing excellent work in the community though! He already has even his personal home stacked with equipment like sewing machines and moto air pumps to place in the school as soon as they get the doors and roof fixed. For this they would require extra funding of approximately $500, so if you would like to help Sina with the project please contact Hilla and Anssi trough the Sra Pou website!

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