17 July 2011

Nice to see you Phnom Penh!

Inari and Elina have landed to Phnom Penh, where we will be working with the Youth Center project until Thursday 21.7. Tomorrow Monday morning we will have a workshop with the organisations CVS, KKKHRDA, with the local youth and members of the Kork Kleang Community.

So far there have been a couple of effective meetings and adjusting to the heat and the timezone. It has been very nice to see old and new friends as well as old and new places. But sad to say, with Boeung Kak lake the game is definitely over now. Although for the people and the communities still some rays of hope remain of being able to stay in the area.

If you would like to meet with us while we are here, please contact us in our new Cambodian prepaid 0972 327 847.

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