17 July 2011

Visiting the brick makers

KOMITU is wishing to use unfired brick as the main load bearing material of the youth center. Unfired brick means that the brick is dried in the open air and sun instead of an oven with temperatures up to 1000°C that the ordinary brick requires to reach its strength. To reach those temperatures the oven consumes lots of energy which means that compared to that the unfired brick is a very ecological option. The unfired brick can also be made on site or close to the site by local craftsmen and from the local earth so no heavy transports are required. Only the equipment and the small amount of cement that is mixed to the earth need to be transported to the building site.

After having seen the Sra Pou vocational school we visited the site for making unfired brick run by Habitat for Humanity. The visit was extremely interesting and useful and the brick-makers were helpful. The organizer of the brick-making, Mr Rith, was not available but we are hopefully going to meet him during next week and get even more specific information about the possibilities of unfired brick.

On site we got to see the whole process of how the lovely red-colored earth is turned into strong building components. There was a large variety of different bricks and even a new experiment for a tile-like, ornamented brick!

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