25 February 2012

Handling practical matters in Phnom Penh

Elina's first days back in Phnom Penh were filled with handling different practical matters. First on Tuesday we opened a bank account for our project which turned out to be a bit more time consuming than we expected. When you go to a bank in Finland you usually get a waiting number, you wait for a while and then you get attended on by one person. This time it went somewhat different. Door was opened by smiling person, we were escorted upstairs by another and there we were attended on by at least five more. After having opened the account we were escorted upwards again and were attended on by four more people helping us to deposit money. Different kinds of original documents were needed and Elina also had to learn to do her signature exactly the way she did six years ago when she got her passport and signed it. It remains to be seen whether she ever manages to sign the withdrawal papers correctly or is our money lost forever.

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