21 February 2012

KKYC Materials workshop

On Friday 17.9. we organized a workshop in Kouk Khleang to discuss the project with the locals and to familiarize everybody with the main materials for the Youth Center: UPDF unfired soil bricks and bamboo.  First we presented and discussed the project and the materials and afterwards built an example piece of the unfired bricks to be used for testing different plasters and paints.

Great thanks for UPDF staff, CAN-CAM student team and especially Mr. Sokhom for teaching us the technique how to built out of the UPDF bricks. Here's the process in short:
  1. Pile the bricks in even rows and make sure all bricks are in uniform columns. Maximum 4 rows at a time.
  2. Pour water on the bricks to ensure smooth run of mortar indside the brick wall.
  3. Mix K-cement with sand (4:1) and water. The amount of water depends on the season: in dry season you naturally need to add more water into the mixture.
  4. With th help of a funnel, pour the mortar first into the holes with the steel reinforcements and after to the other holes. Make sure the mortar is fluid enough to reach the bottom of each hole.
  5. If the mortar leaks, stop the leak with sand.
  6. Clean excess sand and mortar with wet cloth.
  7. Let dry at least for 24h.

Afterwards we had a look at the different bamboo samples of "chinese", "khmer" and "ping pong" bamboos from Takeo and Kampung Cham provinces.

And what a better way to end a workshop than enjoying a delicious dinner cooked by the neighbours in Kouk Khleang!

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