21 February 2012

Hurrah! Signing the building contract for KKYC

Komitu is super happy to announce that the KKYC finally has a contractor! On Sunday 19.2. the buiding contract was signed by the cliens: Pen Somony fron CVS and Son Young from KKKHRDA and by the main contractor, Peter Khalid from the company Sadiq International.

The first site meeting will be held this Friday 24.2. and finally the actual constrcuction work of the Youth Center will start! Sadiq will be the main contractor with the responsibility of all structures but naturally during the building works the locals from Kouk Khleang, UPDF's Community Architect Network in Cambodia and local architecture and engineering students will be engaged in the building as much as possible!

So if you are interested in joining the building works on the site, please contact elina.tenho(a)gmail.com for a detailed schedule of the building works and student works on site!

What a great way for Inari and Noora to end the work session of six weeks in Cambodia and return back to snowy Finland to other works - from now own the KKYC will be in the skilled hands of Maiju, Elina and Sadiq International!

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